How to use Eznpc Affiliate
1. Sign up Sign up for an Affiliate account. If you already have an account, skip this step
3. Set Affiliate code If you don't set Affiliate code (Use For your identity and Coupon code) set the Affiliate code
4. Share Affiliate Link Or Coupon Go to create share content
1) Select Game
2) Select the select game product
3) copy the share content or link to other website like Youtube, google+
Why Choose US
Thanks a ton for your support to our website and welcome to join our Affiliate Program. For all who operate a website or current popular social media such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, etc have a chance to advertise or promote our website & products.
1. Quick Withdrawal When you submit the withdrawal request in the background, we will review your application within 1 working day, and then send you a payment within one working day.
2. Professional Service Eznpc has a professional design team to help you design promotional banners, videos and more. Professional service team, we will provide 1v1 service when you encounter any problems in the process of using affiliate.
3. Real Order Cash Commission System In Eznpc, not only can you get a commission with an order use your discount code, you can get a commission for all orders generated by clicking on your share link.
4. Vip Rating System At Eznpc, as you promote more and more orders, your VIP level is also growing. The higher the VIP level, the higher the percentage of the commission you get, and the more times you get free services.
About Affiliate Level


Defaut level
  • 4%
  • 1 time
  • 5%
  • no
  • 40%


Member Credits 100
  • 5%
  • 2 times
  • 5%
  • Yes
  • 50%


Member Credits 500
  • 6%
  • 10 times
  • 5% ~ 6%
  • Yes
  • 60%


Need to sign a contract
  • 8%
  • no limit
  • 5% ~ 7%
  • Yes
  • 70%


Need to sign a contract
  • 10%
  • no limit
  • 5% ~ 8%
  • Yes
  • 80%
Affiliate Operation Steps
1. Register an Affiliate Program account for free.
2. Set your own affiliate Code.
3. Promote the unique link and let your visitors buy products via it.
4. You'll get 5%~10%(This depends on your Affiliate level) of the sales sum as your commission.
Special Statement
1. Pay you through PayPal,G2A Pay, or Alipay.
2. If you wanna take game currency instead of cash, we can convert your commission into game coins instead according to current sales price in the marketplace. Please contact our Skype or email to finish your exchange.
3. The commission can be counted only for Completed orders smoothly. Chargeback & Dispute & Refunded orders won't be counted.
4. You're not allowed to use the affiliate link for spam.
5. Eznpc.Com Reserves the right of the final Interpretation.